Youth Award Categories

Students may apply to as many academic categories as they wish but only within one region. You must be able to share steps you have taken in the applied category during your high school years. Additional categories may be added, please check back:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship by BBVA Compass
    BBVA Compass
    For applicants who express an interest in the field of business, business management, business development, and entrepreneurship. Also, open to students who wish to pursue a career in accounting, finance, finance policy or other business related technology careers.
  • Community Service by Colgate Palmolive
    Colgate Palmolive
    This category is for innovative community - minded students who are actionable leaders in public service and have demonstrated excellence in volunteerism, leadership and who are committed to making a difference in our community.
  • Education by Southwest Airlines
    Southwest Airlines - Official Airline of the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards
    For applicants who are prospective teachers, academic administrators, guidance counselors, or who are interested in making an impact on public policy in education. Students must show an interest in pursuing a career in elementary or secondary education.
  • Engineering & Mathematics by Hispanic Heritage Foundation
    Hispanic Heritage Foundation
    This category is for applicants who plan to pursue a career in the Engineering and Mathematics fields. This category is for applicants who express an interest in computer programming as well as environmental, medical, or industrial innovation.
  • Healthcare & Science by CVS Health
    CVS Caremark
    This category is for applicants who express an interest in all branches of medicine. This includes students that want to pursue a career as a doctor, nurse, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare administration and public health. This category also is for applicants who express an interest in all branches of science. It also includes students who are interested in science that has direct impact with the environment.
  • Media & Entertainment by NBC Universal | Telemundo
    NBC Universal | Telemundo
    This category is for applicants who will develop skills in criticism and evaluation of art forms, an understanding of the processes by which art and creativity are communicated, and an academic knowledge of promotion and marketing in a media and entertainment career.
  • Technology by Google
    Technology studies the ways that we use computers and other electronic devices to solve human problems. Often blended with courses in engineering, studies in technology provide students with skills and knowledge in a wide array of technical areas. Successful technology studies show not only how a system works, but also how to make it work better.
  • Parent Award sponsored by Pearson
    This year, Pearson has partnered up with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Youth Awards Program to honor a Parent/Legal guardian who has had a significant impact in his or her child's academic success.